Nonwoven Fabric


These are high value-added products manufactured as belt material, combinations with other materials, cushioning, and crosspiece material for belts. They make use of the characteristics of nonwoven fabric, including breathability, water absorbency, oil absorbency, heat insulation, and shock absorbance.
The most common thicknesses are between 4.5 mm and 10 mm, but we can produce nonwoven fabric up to 20 mm, something not many other companies can do.
The main raw material used is polyester, but we can produce nonwoven fabric out of multiple materials, including nylon, Kevlar, Conex, and carbon. We also handle high-mix, low-volume production runs (about 100 meters). In addition to manufacturing nonwoven fabric, we can perform hot pressing and resin impregnation (mainly hardening) to more closely satisfy customer requests. We can produce high-weight, high-density, thick nonwoven fabric.
For polishing pads, we use nonwoven fabric that is stable in terms of weight (weight per area), with variations under 3% for any part of the fabric. For belts, we make nonwoven fabric that maintains tensile strength by driving in the inner fibers without cutting them.
We also sell nonwoven fabric itself as a material.

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