Management Philosophy, Vision, Management Policy



An everlasting dynamic company

Management Philosophy

We are always searching for something, imagining manufacturing from the perspective of the production floor, and evolving through the continual pursuit of challenges.

Business Vision

The Poval Kogyo Group is a solutions company that leverages three core technologies—material selection technology, adhesion technology, and resin processing technology (collectively “Poval technologies”)—to offer solutions to manufacturing problems faced by all kinds of customers as well as improvements to issues the customer has not noticed.

  1. As members of a group of craftsmen who do productive work with a sense of responsibility and pride, each and every employee shall have an awareness of deep involvement in the production floors and shall not forget the commitment to always pursue improvements, based on imagination and a spirit of challenge.
  2. We support manufacturing with a driving force that can overcome all kinds of difficult problems with unremitting enthusiasm and a great deal of effort.

Basic Policy on Capacity Development

  1. Develop human resources that engage sincerely in the Company’s management and achievement of our management policy.
  2. Enhance the knowledge and skills needed to carry out and improve the Company’s operations.
  3. Develop human resources that combine good sense and rich practical ability.

Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance
    Aware of the social responsibility that the Company should fulfill, we comply with laws and company rules, and act with the good sense of adult members of society.
  2. Harmonious coexistence with the community
    As company members working in the community, we strive for harmony with the community and make efforts to be a company that is trusted by society.
  3. Fair and transparent information disclosure
    We fulfill our accountability through timely disclosure of adequate information to stakeholders.
  4. Earning customer trust
    We listen to all customer opinions and strive to provide attractive products.
  5. Business entertainment and gift giving
    We do not engage in excessive business entertainment or gift giving (or receiving) with business partners beyond the bounds of common sense.
  6. Employee environment
    We always strive for self-improvement and try to shorten our working hours through pursuit of efficient work, in an effort to attain a work-life balance.
  7. Dealing with antisocial forces
    We have no relationship whatsoever with antisocial forces and deal with them in a resolute attitude without giving in to unwarranted demands.
  8. Adherence to the laws of each country and community
    We respect the culture and customs of each country and community, and adhere to international norms, including those on human rights.

Management Policy

We will operate a worldwide solutions business that resolves customers’ problems by making use of Poval Technologies based on adhesion and resin processing.
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